Books of great artists

MY LIFE, Marc Chagall
This is not a standard biography. In this book, the author with delicate sadness tells about his childhood, large family and work. The reader is immersed in the inner world of the artist. This helps to better understand how the circumstances and time surrounding him influenced Chagall. The book is written in a living language and is read in one breath!

Many read the biography of the great artist, but not everyone knows some interesting details from his life. The book consists of letters to Vincent’s younger brother Theodore. Due to this format, the reader learns the details of the difficult and painful fate of Van Gogh.

“DIARY OF ONE GENIUS”, Salvador Dali
If earlier you thought that Dali was just an unusual person, then during the reading of this book, you will see that he really really thinks extraordinarily! If you like the work of this artist, be sure to read this book and get to know it more deeply. You will be delighted.

“ABOUT SPIRITUAL IN ART”, Wassily Kandinsky
The final destination of Kandinsky’s creativity is the “vibrations of the human soul.” The artist tells how to achieve this, citing entertaining metaphors and sharing knowledge about the psychology of the effects of color, the purity of perception, but most importantly – about the spiritual beginning.

The book is not easy and just special. You can even say that this is a scientific work. The artist uses thousands of concepts to explain the theory of his work. He talks about the characters in his paintings, proving that they are not just chaotic geometric objects, but figures that carry a certain meaning.

“BLACK SQUARE”, Kazimir Malevich
It is no secret that the attribute of the flow of Suprematism – the picture “Black Square” caused a lot of controversy. The work was a new beginning in art. And in this book, the author appears to us not only as an artist, but also as a philosopher who refused the classical approach and presented an update in art.

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