“The little dictionary of fashion” by Christian Dior

This is a book of 1954 and one would think that it has lost its relevance in our time, but this is not true. What does it mean to be elegant and feminine “according to Dior”? The answer is in “The little dictionary of fashion”, a must-have for women.

“400 years of fashion”

The book will be interesting for those who are interested in the fashion of the past, its development . It has many stunning photos of men’s and women’s clothes, amazing accessories.

“Savage Beauty” by Alexander McQueen

McQueen is a unique designer who defies the “traditions” of fashion. His bold ideas presented in the shots of Sølve Sundsbø will amaze your imagination. The book will tell you about the history of the provocative work of the designer, help to know him more deeply.

“Fashion Box. The immortal icons of style” by Antonio Mancinelli

About items of clothes that were used by popular women at the right time and place so that now they are a certain classic of a fashionable image.

“King of Fashion: The Autobiography of Paul Poiret” by Paul Poiret

After reading, you will once again make sure that the fashion is cyclical. The emperor of Parisian fashion  talks about his life, work, motivation and inspiration.

“Coco Chanel: The legend and the life ” by Justine Picardie

Using closed archives, Picardie compiled a biography of a famous personality. Exhaustively.

“House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival” by Deborah Ball

The book entices, makes one admire the life of the great designer and no less the legacy that he left


American fashion podcast

A podcast that has treasure in the form of hundreds of issues about various areas of the fashion industry.


Editors and designers give interviews, tell how they managed to become who they are and achieve success in the fashion industry.

The Collector’s House Matches Fashion

Such an academic podcast that emphasizes the professionalism of the interviewees. Strongly and informative.

Fash – ON Fash – OFF

British news podcast. Overview of fashion week, tips for what to add to your wardrobe and reporting.

The high low

Podcast of two female journalist friends collaborating with various fashion magazines.

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