Visit museums right

Is it possible to go to the museum wrong? You ask…

Of course, everyone comes there with their own purpose and mood. And, in order to make the visit to the museum more productive and rich, we have prepared for you a few tips:

1. Do not hurry
The author of the book “How to go to the museum”, Johan. We write that the museum does not limit us in time, for example, like a movie. If the film lasts an hour and fifty minutes (no more and no less), then you can stop at the picture for 5 minutes and at 25. Nobody drives you, and you are not obliged to see EVERYTHING. Choose what attracts your attention and allow yourself to delve into a particular work.
2. Ask
Have you ever thought that motivated people to become museum employees? Most likely, they are fans of their business and are a storehouse of interesting information! The fact that museums need to be silent is a myth. Feel free to ask questions, and you will surely have a great time.

3.Look around
Remember that the whole exhibition itself is a separate work. Ponder why the curator arranged everything this way, maybe you will find an interesting idea in this. Tables with descriptions and lighting – all this is also thought out, pay attention.

4. Listen to music
It is best to listen to music from the same years in which the pictures were painted, for example. So you can better feel the atmosphere of that time.

5. Learn about the author
Having studied the history of the artist’s life, you, perhaps, will discover something new in his works. You can better understand him, enjoy watching and supplement your knowledge about him and his work.

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