Milan Design Week 2018

This is a festival that is expected to host over 300,000 visitors this year.
Every year the festival brings together a wide range of practices and design companies, which leads to unusual, but unique and interesting installations. We want to tell you that you definitely need to have time to visit.

Monster Cabaret at Teatro Gerolamo
This year’s Lasvit presents an installation called “Monster Cabaret”. Judging by the prototype, this specific description is a Czech brand known for its designer lamps, this time it will show several fancy crystal objects: vases with eyes of Alessandro Mendini, space aliens of the Campan brothers, Bolshoi and Maly Lenin made by art director Maxim Velkovsky and something shapeless called guildenstern by daniel libeskind. Hurry to see!

Ventura Future
There is another new brainchild of the Ventura project. Place – FuturDome, a residential building (where Italian futurists once gathered), in which the museum, the Loft gallery and the building of the former pharmaceutical faculty were organized. All three pointsYou will find Loreto. The organizers promise that the site will accommodate 83 projects of designers, but they should be different freshness and unusual. So, most likely, we are waiting for miraculous thoughts. All in all, a visit to Ventura Future is worth a lot of interesting locations.

Industrial Designer Club at Ventura Lambrata
The owners of Archpole studios Anna Sazhinova and Konstantin Lagutin have long been thinking about world domination and consistently embody their dream into reality. Once they initiated the creation of the Industrial Designers Club (KPD), and he successfully organized exhibitions and lectures in Russia. Now efficiency goes to Milan. The exposition within the project Ventura Lambrata will present on one subject from 30 studios and companies from different cities of Russia. The symbol of efficiency in Milan is a plywood tumbler as a sign of the inflexible will of our designers. Look in the exhibition space at Lambrate Design District. via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9

Every year, during the Design Week, the main Milan department store donates its display cases to art installations. This time Vajiko Chachkhiani, a Berlin artist of Georgian origin, is in charge of them. In the framework of the project Under the Midday Sun, in the windows of Rinascente, there appear prototypes of eight moving sculptures, in a metaphorical form, sharing with us about the difficult life of cotton pickers. In addition, the department store shows the movie Cotton Candy.

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